The first steps into Conversion Rate Optimization

The first step you need to take in order to increase your conversion rate is to figure out why people aren’t converting in the first place.It’s best to start with the conversion funnel. It is divided between Upper (or Top of) Funnel, which includes banners and landing pages, amongst others, and Lower (or Bottom of) Funnel, referring to registration forms and checkout. As expected, the number of people who get to the Lower Funnel is significantly lower than the ones who you reach in the Upper one.



Think of your conversion funnel as a set of steps towards a goal. In your case, it might be the steps a client takes between finding out about your e-commerce website and the actual Thank You note he gets after he as payed for a product. Once you have decided which are the steps, you can determine where and how you are losing your clients.Start laying out all the steps a possible client will take to convert and analyse each one. It could be the lack of promotion, it could be the bad layout of the landing page, or that the checkout page is not convincing enough.When it comes to analysing your landing page and subsequently, your conversion funnel, it’s best to ask yourself a lot of questions. Find out:– Are you sending the client to the right landing page? For example, if you display an ad about blue shoes, are you sending him to the blue shoes category on the website, or the primary landing page?– Are you selling him the same thing he clicked on? If you advertised a promotion, is it still available on your website?– What kind of visuals are you using on your landing page? Are they effective? It is said that it’s better to show them the need in order to develop the desire for the solution– Is your landing page user friendly? Easy to navigate?– Is the Call To Action button easy to find and clearly specified?– How much information are you offering to the potential customer? Too much? Too little? And most importantly, is it relevant?– How is the information structured? Above the fold? Below? In specific categories? Is it easy to get through it? Bullet points or paragraphs?– How many steps does a client have to go through to convert? How many clicks are necessary to accomplish the action required? Should you shorten the process?– Do you have a visible and practical Contact page or method?– Do you offer testimonials and reviews to your potential buyers?– How is your landing page seen on the other devices? Mobiles? Tablets? Do you have a responsive design?– Did you check the speed of the landing page? Does it have page errors or other disruptions?LandingPage


In this stage, it’s important to gather as much information as you can, from the answers to the questions above, to the numerical data of your website (traffic sources, impressions, page clicks and so on).Next comes the proper analyse and optimization of the landing page, but that’s another story for another time!
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