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linkedin-ADSDepending on your online marketing strategy and the nature of your business, LinkedIn ads could prove to be an extremely useful lead generation tool.

And their usefulness is not only for promoting job offers or HR services. LinkedIn Ads can bring you new customers if for automotive businesses or outsourcing companies, when they are targeted to be viewed by top managers, for example.

LinkedIn has a significant data base that consists of information useful for targeting specific audience segments depending on their: industry, company, job title, gender, age, education and much more.

targetingGet more clients using LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a very large number of users and a significant percent of advertisers have declared that this social network has provided valuable leads for their businesses. This social network is intensely used by people looking for new job, business or networking opportunities. Thus, a large percent of these users can be an important audience for products such as luxury vehicles, jewelery, watches, MBA courses, gadgets and, of course, B2B services.

The anatomy of a LinkedIn ad

LinkedIn ads are very similar to Facebook ads. They consist of: a title, a description and an image that accompanies the text. When optimizing LinkedIn campaigns, we periodically test different kind of messages with different images in order to see which brings the highest performance.

linAds are not paid per impression, they are paid per click, similar to Google Ads or Facebook Ads. When optimizing them we take into account not only their click-through-rate, but the number of conversions also, and their value. This is why we periodically change and test new creatives. And since new ads are shown more than older ads, they will also have a higher CTR.

So, are you ready to get more clients by promoting your company on LinkedIn?



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