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Get More Clients Using Facebook Ads


When it comes to increasing the number of clients through online advertising, we cannot neglect the importance of social media, the place where millions of users spend at least a 2-3 hours each day.

We can help you increase the number of your clients through Facebook Ads that reach specific segments of audience. How do we manage to do that? By targeting specific groups of people, segmented by their age, sex, city, or interests. This way your ads only reach those people who have great potential of becoming your customers.


Facebook offers many types of sponsored ads and our job is to choose those which fit your business and your marketing strategy best.

And that’s not all! In order to drive more relevant traffic to your website and to increase your conversion rate, we develop Facebook retargeting campaigns. This type of campaign enables us to display your ads only to those who have visited your website and proved to be interested in what you have to offer.

Do you want to know how many clients Facebook campaigns will bring you?

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Improve Your Conversion Rate Using Facebook Retargeting

The road from the first contact with the product to the actual conversion is almost never a straight one. Someone might visit your website, look up a specific product, then go to your competitor’s website to compare the prices, then go to Facebook because a friend just sent him a message, then go back to your website and so on. The greatest challenge in online advertising is to know how to “catch” this user wherever he may surf the internet and remind him of your products all the time so that, finally, he will come back to your website and become your customer.

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What we do through Facebook Retargeting is to store information about the users that have visited your website or have performed a specific action (such as adding a product in the shopping cart) and show this user a new ad when he goes from your website to Facebook.

And for clients who wish to invest more than €20,000 per month we can provide Facebook dynamic retargeting services. Dynamic Retargeting shows a user on Facebook exactly the products that have caught his attention in the first place and makes it more probable for him to buy that specific item.

For example, if a 20 year old man searches your website for an iPhone 5 1.6GHZ 64 Gb then we can show this man an ad exactly with this product and with further information regarding a new offer, a discount, free shipping and so on.


What do our clients say?


Find out how you can increase your conversion rate up to 20-30% using Facebook Retargeting

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Today’s is a Google Engage Platinum Agency, which certifies that we have managed budgets over €1,500,000 and are one of the Top Romanian Online Marketing Agencies.

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When developing online marketing campaigns we always focus on performance, measured by the number of conversions and the increase of your ROI.

Today’s Google Ads Monitor helps us monitor the local Google Ads market by collecting information regarding more than 15,000 advertisers and over 1,000,000 keywords.

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