Adult Network PPC & CPM Campaigns

If your product is part of the “Adult Only” category and you want to reach thousands of users who are interested in your business, then we have great news for you: we can help you advertise your product using dedicated advertising networks.

Online marketing campaigns for adult products are most of the time very difficult to run because of the numerous regulations that govern advertising in this industry. If your business is a Sex Shop or if you sell healthcare products like sexual enhancers or abortion pills, it is in your best interest that your ads reach the most appropriate audience.

Today’s can help you by developing campaigns which specifically target adults interested in your products by either showing your ads contextually, on websites and webpages that contain specific keywords that relate to your business, or by retargeting those users who have visited your website.
This way your ads will appear on adult websites where the users read articles or watch videos that are closely related to your business. For example, if someone reads an article on a blog that makes a review of the 10 best sex toys, your ads can appear on this page and reach a potential customer. Moreover, by retargeting those who have already visited your website you can offer them discounts or vouchers to convince them to buy your products again and gain their trust to make them become your loyal clients.

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These instruments help you not only drive relevant traffic to your website, but also increase the number of clients and the percentage of client retention.



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13 years and 8 reasons to work with Today’s

Google Ads Certified Partner
Today’s is a Google Engage Platinum Agency, which certifies that we have managed budgets over €1,500,000 and are one of the Top Romanian Online Marketing Agencies.

Google Certified Team of Specialists
We are proud to have in our team three Google Ads Qualified Individuals.

In our over 13 years of experience on the international market, we have worked with start ups as well as multinational corporations, developing performance-based campaigns in countries such as Australia, Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

When developing online marketing campaigns we always focus on performance, measured by the number of conversions and the increase of your ROI.

Today’s Google Ads Monitor helps us monitor the local Google Ads market by collecting information regarding more than 15,000 advertisers and over 1,000,000 keywords.

Surplus Value
Our clients choose us because we help them save time and because, by taking into account the value of our performance, the management costs are nearly zero.