DentalARIA: 225,9% increase in conversion rate by using a dedicated landing page

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What is the impact a dedicated landing page can have for the campaign, versus using the original website? A very big one: a 3.2x higher conversion rate and 2.5x lower costs per lead.

The Challenge:

The online marketing campaigns for dental offices, especially when it’s about a niche referring to implantology and targets only areas of Bucharest, are a big challenge. The aggressive competition and costs are rising significantly (the CPSs for some keywords can reach 2-2.5x the costs of online pharmacies’, for example.


Doubling the number of prospects generated from the online marketing campaigns and the decrease in costs per lead without raising the average monthly budget (in this case for Google Ads).


  • Concentrating efforts for promotion on a niche: implantology. 
  • Campaigns: Google Ads and Google Ads Remarketing
  • Creating a dedicated landing page for implantology.
  • Elements of interest in the landing page:
  1. Visible contact form
  2. Adapted text for the level of knowledge of the targeted audience (stopped using technical medical terms in favor of using the advantages of implants, in answering and concluding the fears of users, etc.)
  3. Pointing out the price offer and creating the feeling of urgency (limited spots, limited offer)
  4. Using photo and video visual
  5. Gave up the use of the phone number on the page (to encourage filling out the form)


  • Conversion rate has increased by 225,9%
  • Cost per conversion is 2,5x lower

Screenshot from the Google Ads campaign without a dedicated landing page: conversion rate of 1.04%.


Screenshot from the Google Ads campaign with a dedicated landing page: conversion rate of 3,39%.


Here are the two landing pages. The one on the left is the original and the one on the right is the dedicated landing page.


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