Case Study: BMW Motor AG


BMW Motor AG – BMW’s Google Ads Challenge



✓ Motor AG has been an important Romanian BMW Authorized Dealer since 2004.

✓ For a period of time, BMW Motor AG  managed their Google Ads campaigns in-house and they asked for our help regarding a campaign audit.

✓ After the audit, they decided to work with us for a probationary period.


✓ Generating qualified leads for BMW’s sales team.
✓ Increasing the number of test drive sign-ups.


✓ A Google Ads campaign mainly focused on the Display Network and optimized as such.
✓ A retargeting campaign focused on communicating a specific message to particular audiences which have already shown an interest in BMW vehicles.
✓ Etarget PPC campaign focused on showing banners and messages on top Romanian websites related to the automotive industry.
✓ Landing page split testing that helped optimize the website pages to improve the conversion rate.


✓ We have successfully managed BMW Moto AG’s Google Ads campaign for over 2 years.
✓ We have created and optimized campaigns with promotional messages that generated over 200 conversions per month. 
✓ 70% of the overall leads were generated through the Display Network campaigns.
✓ We also won the pitch for the management of the campaigns for other brands: Mini, Jaguar and Land Rover.


Olimpia Oancea | Marketing Specialist, BMW Motor AG Romania

“Our partnership with Today’s equals professionalism, efficiency and rapidity. We, at Motor AG Group, trusted Today’s with our Google Ads campaigns for three reasons: seriousness, thoughtfulness, and visible results.”



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