What do our clients say ?




  • Elena Grecu | Lawyer, Nomenius

    “Our business deals with trademark registration and we wanted more potential customers to find out about our services. We asked Today’s to help promote our business since we trusted them and we weren’t disappointed: our number of clients grew significantly.”


  • Olimpia Oancea | Marketing Specialist, BMW Motor AG Romania

    “Our partnership with Today’s equals professionalism, efficiency and rapidity. We, at Motor AG Group, trusted Today’s with our Google Ads campaigns for three reasons: seriousness, thoughtfulness, and visible results.”



  • Florin Marin | General Manager, Saftica Hotel & Resort

    “I enjoyed working with Today’s even from the start because the online marketing strategy they have proposed was not only focused on getting more clients, but also on reducing costs wherever possible.”


  • Ray Grigoriu | General Manager, Corporate Baskets

    “With Today’s help we had the courage to try out a Google Ads campaign for the first time and, to my surprise, it brought us over 80% more new clients. This stimulated our business’ growth and helped us get even more clients based on recommendations. 5 years have passed since we first started working with Today’s, and this fact helps us get better and better on the basis of our past experiences with very successful campaigns.”


  • Ciprian Burcovschi | Visual Identity Advisor/ Owner, d`Avid Boutique

    “Today`s is a young and ambitious project that targets the online medium. I chose Today’s because I could extract the essence of a web cocktail, the mix between the patience of an expert and the quick reactions of an innovator. Today`s offers support for our online communication strategies, whether it is about specific projects or extended campaigns. Collaborating with Today’s has brought me a significant turn-over, on the basis of the quality of the services and the short delivery time.”


  • Adrian Oancea | Manager, SmileExchange

    “Admirable, concise, challenging, innovating, friendly, responsible – these are the words that best describe Today’s. It is a style that impressed me the moment I met Mr. Lazarescu and this impression stayed with me over time. Working with Today’s I have learned that a successful collaborations means not only frequent meetings at the office and finishing projects with the feeling of victory. It means communicating openly and discussing any problem, misunderstanding or disappointment as you do among friends, without the behavior of a strictly business relationship where someone always has something to lose. They know this fact very well and try to make every one of their partners feel the same way.
    I have started a new project, somewhat more complex, but I have confidence that I will impress my clients with the perfect design, well-thought-out CMS and the ruthless marketing campaign… since we also have 5 beautifully-made projects behind us.
    In the end, I want to thank the whole team for each minute of the supplementary time they have spent on our projects. They really made the difference.”


  • Delia Oltean | Marketing Manager, Licitatie-Publica.ro

    “Professionalism and rapidity are just two of the qualities of Today’s team. With friendliness and seriozity they helped us improve our online advertising campaign and we managed to double the number of our leads.
    I cordially and trustfully recommend Today’s!”