Today’s Custom AdServer

If you have already bought predefined advertising placements we can help you improve their click-through-rate as well as their conversion rate. Through our custom AdServer we can display, on the placements you have already bought, banners that auto-optimize according to how many clicks they get and how many conversions they generate. Moreover, we can tailor these banners to appear only to those users who have already visited your website and to show them exactly those products in which they were interested.

This way we can maximize your investment by doubling or even tripling the performance of your ads.

The procedure is very simple: all you have to do is to insert a code where your ad is showing and then your ads will optimize themselves based on some predefined criteria.

Today’s can help you create multiple ad concepts, in standard formats as well as personalized ones, which will show, on the placement you have bought, in random order at the beginning. After some time, those banners which receive the most clicks and send the most traffic to your website or the banners that have generated the highest number of conversions (sales, leads, subscribers) will show more often than the others. This action can increase your conversion rate up to 50%.
Moreover, we can personalize your banners so that they can only show to users who have already visited your website (retargeting) or show users exactly the products in which they are interested (dynamic retargeting).

When can you use Today’s Custom AdServer?
– You have already bought 10 million impressions on a specific website and you with to optimize your banners to have a higher CTR or a better conversion rate.
– You have bought a number of placements on different websites for a limited time (one month, six months etc.) and you wish to maximize the performance of your campaign during this period of time.
– You wish to retarget your current website visitors and show them vouchers or discounts specifically for the products that caught their attention.
– You want to send users newsletters and offer relevant product recommendations, on the basis of what they have searched for recently.



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13 years and 8 reasons to work with Today’s

Google Ads Certified Partner
Today’s is a Google Engage Platinum Agency, which certifies that we have managed budgets over €1,000,000 and are one of the Top Romanian Online Marketing Agencies.

Google Certified Team of Specialists
We are proud to have three Google Ads Qualified Individuals in our team.

In our over 13 years of experience on the international market, we have worked with start ups as well as multinational corporations, developing performance-based campaigns in countries such as Australia, Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

When developing online marketing campaigns we always focus on performance, measured by the number of conversions and the increase of your ROI.

Today’s Google Ads Monitor helps us monitor the local Google Ads market by collecting information regarding more than 15,000 advertisers and over 1,000,000 keywords.

Surplus Value
Our clients choose us because we help them save time and because, by taking into account the value of our performance, the management costs are nearly zero.