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puzzle-pieces_Clipart_svg_File Multichannel marketing refers to the strategic choice to use more than one communication channel in order to reach potential customers. Generally speaking, you can choose from a wide variety of channels: TV, radio, print, websites, blogs, social media, forums, e-mail or even a face-to-face discussion.

As an online marketing agency, Today’s can help you promote your message on various online channels such as social media, websites, search engines, forums, blogs and so on. Depending on your business, your industry’s characteristics and on the audiences that you want to target as well as their buying behavior, we decide together what is the best online strategy you can use for maximum campaign performance. And that is not all! Taking into account that we live in an era where devices become more complex and more used each day, we will also decide on a multi-device strategy through which we choose on which devices to show your messages. 

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Quick Example: Shoe Store

You have an online store that sells women’s shoes and you also have a showroom near the city center. Your main objective is to increase online as well as in-store sales. To reach this objective you can choose the following multichannel strategy.

1. Paid Search. We display your ads on Google search, through Google Ads, drive relevant traffic to your website and optimize the campaign in order to maximize the number of conversions and minimize the costs.

2. Retargeting. We place the users that have visited your website in multiple categories (an example of a category would be: those users who have searched your website for high-heel black shoes but didn’t buy anything). Then, through a retargeting campaign, we show these users specific ads wherever they may surf the Internet after leaving your site: on Facebook when they want to chat with their friends, on a fashion blog where they read about the latest trends, or on a news website when they want to check today’s weather forecast.

3. Mobile Ads & Facebook Ads. Because many women prefer to buy offline, to test the shoes, to see if they are the right size or if they are comfortable enough, through online campaigns you can drive your potential customers directly to your store. And you can do that exactly when they express their interest in buying shoes. How? By showing your phone number and a map next to the ad that target only those users that search on mobile phones. This way they can quickly give you a phone call or easily see how to reach your shop. Or we can retarget specific audiences and give them discounts for in-store purchases to encourage them to come visit your shop. 



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