Google Ads Campaigns


Who Are We?

We are a top online Search Engine Marketing agency with over 13 years of experience with national and international campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other regional platforms.

How We Can Help You

First of all, we can help you acquire new customers. Much more than you have now, with 80% less cost than if you would administrate the campaign in-house. With budgets over €1,500,000 invested in Google Ads in the last year, we might say that we are good at what we do.

By working with us you will:

1. Get more time for your business as we’ll handle all for you, with 100% transparency;

2. Decrease campaign costs by at least 30% – by increasing the efficiency of the campaign;

3. Increase ROI – as we’re focusing all our efforts on Conversions and Cost/conversion, two major indicators for your business;

4. Decrease management costs – we don’t have the hourly rates of UK based agencies;



What is Google Ads?

A Google Ads campaign is a pay-per-click campaign which enables you to be on the first page of Google’s search results and to acquire new customers. “Pay-per-click” means that you only pay when someone clicks your ad and not for an impression.

An example of the Google Search Page Result

Google Ads helps you display text or image ads on the search page through which you can send users directly to your business’ website, as well as on other Google partner websites (YouTube, Google Mail, blogs, forums etc.).


What kind of campaigns do we manage?

Intelligent-Search-40Search Network: We can help you show your ads on Google when users search for specific keywords that relate to your products or services.

Above-The-Fold-40Display Network: We help you show text or image ads on Google’s Display Network (partner websites) so that you can reach the right audience.

Duplicate-Content-40Retargeting: We help you show text or image ads on Google’s Display Network only to those users who have visited your website and have performed a significant action (visited a specific webpage, added a product in the shopping cart etc.). This way we can convince those lost customers to return to your website and complete the sale.

Video-Marketing-40YouTube Ads: through Google Ads you can display any type of ads – image, text or video – to reach 19.1 million unique UK YouTube viewer

Email-Marketing-40Gmail Ads: Publicity such as newsletters that are displayed directly in the Google mailbox, even to users who haven’t given you their e-mail addresses. These ads can be designed specifically based on geographic and demographic criteria, and their format can also be changed.

Mobile-Marketing-40Mobile Ads: Today’s clients can see (on a monthly basis) around 40-45% of conversions from mobile devices. We manage and optimise Mobile Ads campaigns on Google Search, Google Display and YouTube respectively.

What do our clients say ?


Do You Want To Know How Many Clients You Can Have?

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How We Manage a Google Ads Campaign

During a minimum of 4 days each week, your campaign gets our full attention, even if it is about updating ads or finding new keywords, monitoring your competition or other improvements. And you will see real results from the first month: more clients, less useless costs. And much more time for your marketing department.

When managing Google Ads campaigns we are always focused on performance, the key indicators for us being the actions that help you increase your ROI. To achieve this objective we first develop a performance-based campaign at its maximum potential and then we optimize so as to maximize the conversion rate and minimize the costs.

1. Campaign Development

  • Business, industry and competition analysis which helps us to come up with the best online marketing strategy.
  • Defining the best strategy and choosing the most appropriate instruments that can help increase the click-through-rate and the conversion rate.
  • Keyword research and selection that helps us target the most relevant searches so that your ads will reach the audience that expresses an interest in your products or services.
  • Effective and creative ad copy adapted to the targeted audience that will drive high quality leads to your website.
  • Increased quality scores that determine the position of your ads on the search engine and that drive more users to your site with the same price per click. With an improved quality score from 4/10 to 8/10 you will pay 50% less for higher ad positions and more clicks.
  • Best account configuration that determines the relevancy of your ads on the search engine results page and on the display network. An appropriate organization of the keywords and ads in ad groups and choosing the best settings for specific types of campaigns can increase your campaign’s effectiveness up to 25-30%.
  • Managing ad placements so that your ads will only appear on relevant websites and ensure that you don’t spend money on useless clicks.

    2. Campaign Optimization

  • Continuous ad optimization by adding and improving ad extensions and by testing multiple ad copies and choosing the ones that perform better. By using dynamic keyword insertions or extensions such as “click-to-call”, together with A/B testing of ads can increase your CTR with up to 45%.
  • Conversion rate optimization through landing page and user experience improvement. This way you can double or triple your conversion rates by using the same instruments, at the same costs. Landing page optimization can increase your conversion rate with up to 20-30%, which translates into an increase in your profit with up to 20-30%.
  • Eliminating keywords that are poorly performing in order to cut the costs.
  • Managing costs and budgets so that we can maximize your ROI using the same amount of money that you have invested.
  • Identifying new opportunities by increasing the number of keywords and placements and by using complementary instruments such as retargeting the audience on social media.
  • Periodic measurements and reports so that you will know all the time how your campaigns are performing, how many leads we have generated, how many sales and what were the costs.



    You can get hundreds of new clients starting tomorrow!

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    What do our clients say?


    How aggressive do you want your Google Ads campaign to be?

    You can fully trust us with the management of your Google Ads campaign – all that you have to do is decide which strategy you want to follow.

    Our specialists will recommend a monthly budget which will ensure that you will maintain a competitive position in searches. The cost per click is higher, the bid is intentionally aggressive, and it places your website in the much-desired first position.
    Although more expensive, this strategy leads to maximum profit and aggressively presents your image as a leader on the top position of the page, on top of the organic results and the other sponsored ads.

    Google Ads-Campaign-40Optimum
    This strategy maintains one of the top result page positions, without aggressively bidding for the first position.
    Our specialists recommend the optimum amount of money that you have to spend so as to ensure that you are on the first page at a reasonable cost.

    By applying this strategy we show your ads as much as possible on the same pages as your competitors and try to maintain the best position that the budget ensures. With this strategy you pay as little as possible for a click.

    Are you spending (or are you willing to spend) more than €500 per month on Google Ads? Today’s can help you wisely invest this budget so that you will constantly increase your sales.
    So call us today with any question whatsoever.
    If you already have a Google Ads campaign we can help you with a thorough analysis that points out 50 unique elements that can help improve your current campaign by increasing the conversion rate and lowering the costs.
    And whether you become your client or not, you will still have a lot to learn from the experience. Find out more.


    Do you want to know which strategy fits your business best

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    Do You Already Use Google Ads?

    Do you already have a Google Ads campaign but are unsure if it is running at its maximum potential? Did you experience problems when setting up the campaign? Couldn’t you find your ads among those of your competitors? Have you experienced problems in displaying ad extensions such as those in the image below?


    Today’s can help you – and it won’t cost you a cent!

    You can find out very quickly if you pay too much to acquire new clients or if you can increase the current number of your clients without increasing your budget. All these and more through a thorough analysis performed by one of Today’s online specialists.

    In most cases we manage to identify opportunities that increase the performance of your current campaign by 10-20% or more! In the case of one of our clients we managed to double the number of their customers with just a simple tweak in the campaign… with no cost increase whatsoever!


    We would love to help your business grow. Want to find out more?

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    13 years and 8 reasons to work with Today’s

    Google Ads Certified Partner
    Today’s is a Google Engage Platinum Agency, which certifies that we have managed budgets over €1,500,000 and are one of the Top Romanian Online Marketing Agencies.

    Google Certified Team of Specialists
    We are proud to have three Google Ads Qualified Individuals in our team.

    In our over 13 years of experience on the international market, we have worked with start ups as well as multinational corporations, developing performance-based campaigns in countries such as Australia, Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

    When developing online marketing campaigns we always focus on performance, measured by the number of conversions and the increase of your ROI.

    Today’s Google Ads Monitor helps us monitor the local Google Ads market by collecting information regarding more than 15,000 advertisers and over 1,000,000 keywords.

    Surplus Value
    Our clients choose us because we help them save time and because, by taking into account the value of our performance, the management costs are nearly zero.