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Etarget is a Romanian PPC advertising platform that enables us to show your ads on over 6000 international websites by targeting new audiences or retargeting those who have already proven to be interested in your products or services.

Etarget contextual advertising targets potential customers based on the city they live in, on their interests, on the articles they read at a certain moment and on the keywords that best describe your business. The text ads can also be configured to run at certain hours or on certain devices (mobile, tablet, computer) so that you can ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.


Using Etagret you can also retarget the audience that has visited your website, by showing them tailored messages that aim to convince them to come back to your website and buy the products in which they were interested. For example, if you have an online bookstore, you can retarget those who have added books in the shopping cart and offer them a voucher to convince them to buy the products in which they were interested.
Here is a screenshot from the Etarget ad management platform:

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Being anEtarget partner, Today’s can help you achieve your business’ objectives by targeting local as well as international websites. And you only pay when someone clicks your ad!

Etarget advertising has already been used by over  20.000 happy clients from Central and Eastern Europe. And all you have to do to get started is get in touch with us.



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13 years and 8 reasons to work with Today’s

Google Ads Certified Partner
Today’s is a Google Engage Platinum Agency, which certifies that we have managed budgets over €1.000.000 and are one of the Top Romanian Online Marketing Agencies.

Google Certified Team of Specialists
We are proud to have in our team three Google Ads Qualified Individuals.

Etarget Partner
Our partnership with Etarget, an important Romanian PPC Advertising Platform, enables us to show your ads on more than 6.000 international websites.

In our over 13 years of experience on the international market, we have worked with start ups as well as multinational corporations, developing performance-based campaigns in countries such as Australia, Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

When developing online marketing campaigns we always focus on performance, measured by the number of conversions and the increase of your ROI.

Today’s Google Ads Monitor helps us monitor the local Google Ads market by collecting information regarding more than 15.000 advertisers and over 1.000.000 keywords.

Surplus Value
Our clients choose us because we help them save time and because, by taking into account the value of our performance, the management costs are nearly zero.