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Multichannel online strategy

Today’s can help you by developing marketing strategies that focus on multiple online channels: social media, website, search engines, forums, blogs and so on. Depending on your business, on the characteristics of the industry, and on the targeted audience and their buying behavior, we decide together which strategy fits you best and what channels we should concentrate on for maximum performance.

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Google Ads

We can help you get more clients by developing performance-based  Google Ads search and display campaigns. Having managed more than €1,000,000 in Google Ads campaigns, in 2009 we became a Google Engage Platinum Agency.

Moreover, we are the only  Romanian agency that can monitor your competition by using our custom-made Google Ads Monitor. Using this instrument, we can evaluate over 15,000 Romanian advertisers.

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If you already have a Google Ads campaign but you do not know if it is running at its maximum potential, we can help you with a thorough analysis and specific advice focused on 50 unique elements that can improve the performance of your current campaign.

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Facebook Ads & Retargeting

We can help you grow the number of your current clients by using Facebook Ads and reach specific audiences targeted by their age, sex, city, interests and many more. And that’s not all! In order to drive quality traffic to your website and to increase your conversion rate, we can retarget on Facebook only those users who have displayed an interest in your products or services.

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Conversion Rate Optimization or “Landing Page Optimization”

Improving your website’s conversion rate by comparing the performance of different landing pages (A/B Testing) focuses on increasing the efficiency of your pay-per-click campaigns by means of increasing the number of conversions and, of course, your ROI. When it comes to landing page optimization even the smallest detail counts and can determine whether the user makes the decision to buy.

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Today’s Custom AdServer

If you already have bought pre-defined advertising placements, we can help you improve their click-through-rate as well as their conversion rate.  Through our custom AdServer we can display, on the placements you have already bought, banners that auto-optimize according to how many clicks they get and how many conversions they generate. Moreover, we can tailor these banners to appear only to those users who have already visited your website and to show them exactly those products in which they were interested.
This way we can help you maximize your investment.

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Adult Networks PPC / CPM Campaigns

If your products are part of the “Adult Only” category, we have great news for you: we can help you advertise these products on adult networks and show them only to those users who are interested in buying them.

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