Alex Rodriguez-Jennifer Lopez rumors: JLo stays in AL East

So the go sip rags told us Wednesday that Alex Rodriguez is Jennifer Lopez’s new man (see here,here, here and here). The reports conflictedas to how serious the arrangement is (they ranged from “very” to “not very”).Either way, JLo Mark Trumbo Jersey has quickly moved on from Drake, which got us thinking . . .MORE: Athletes and celebrity couplesLopez was engaged to Ben Affleck, who might be the biggest celebrity Red Sox fan this side of Stephen King.After being married to devoted Mets fan Marc Anthony, and after a post-divorce relationship, she found Drake, son of The 6. Drake’s sports loyalties are, um, divided, but he has repped the Blue Jays in his music and was visible during the Jays’ recent postseason runs.MORE: Red Sox pursuing Drake for hip-hop show at FenwayNow, the Bronx-born Lopez has moved on (to) A-Rod, Yankees legend. Of course, we’re already seeing the “J-Rod” mashup. (Is that better than “Bennifer”? Well, yes, because the pundits recycled Bennifer when Affleck and Jennifer Garner got together. But we digre s.)Anyway, back to our point: Ms . Lopez appears to be making her way through the AL East (after an NL East detour). We’re racking our brains over who from the Orioles and Rays would be of interest to her.
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